The Vietnamese Interacting as 1 (VIA-1) Conference is an annual event bringing young Vietnamese leaders from all over the country together. During the conference, hundreds of students and young professionals hone their leadership skills, hold discussions with speakers, and explore issues in the Vietnamese-American youth community. By coming together, we can achieve solidarity as one group, collaborate on issues concerning our communities and universities, and to encourage the growth of Vietnamese leaders.

VIA-1 Past Conferences

  • 2003 VIA-1 > University of Cincinnati | A Standing Start
  • 2004 VIA-1 > University of Michigan | Lead to Succeed
  • 2005 VIA-1 > IVSU (Depaul University; combined with UNAVSA-2) | Action in Unity
  • 2006 VIA-1 > University of Minnesota | Con Rồng Cháu Tiên – The Best of Both Worlds: The Merging of Two Cultures
  • 2007 VIA-1 > Purdue University | Embrace the Past, Empower the Future
  • 2008 VIA-1 > University of Notre Dame | Golden Dreams
  • 2009 VIA-1 > Northwestern University | Come Together
  • 2010 VIA-1 > University of Wisconsin-Madison | From Possibility to Actuality
  • 2011 VIA-1 > University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | A Story of Our Own
  • 2012 VIA-1 > University of Cincinnati | A Decade of Progress
  • 2013 VIA-1 > The Ohio State University | Returning Tides

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